Aquila TPE impact protective gloves for the Mining Industry

Aquila TPE impact protective gloves for the Mining Industry

Each industry has its own culture and practices which glove manufacturers like our team at Aquila need to take account of. Primarily these differences come out of the practicalities of each particular activity. The mining industry is an excellent example given that it operates over a range of environmental conditions, including heat, cold, dry, wet, hard/soft substrate, manual tools/heavy equipment, potentially involving close working in the operation of power tools and sometimes abrasive powders or toxic chemicals.

Clearly, in developing gloves suitable for such a wide spectrum of mining-related needs, this required our development team to account for a diverse range of factors, often in multiple combinations. These can easily include:

  • Comfort, low energy for long shifts and protection from stress problems of hard usage, e.g. carpel tunnel syndrome.
  • Protection from pinching, nipping of fingers, trapping fingers/hand, compression/crushing/striking of hard, rough or sharp objects.
  • Dexterity and sensitivity to operate or adjust equipment, and to pick up objects, to grip support structures for the purpose or maintaining secure balance and establish a firm base to allow working.

We are delighted that this development process ultimately led to production of a high performing range of impact protection gloves with attributes extremely well suited to daily mining operations, leading to lower rates of personal injury, lower costs of interrupted production and lower compensation costs. Typical factors include:

Impact – back of hand – TPE (thermal plastic elastomer)
+ cut-resistant
+ latex liquid protection
+ sandy nitrile extra grip
+ Velcro security wrist band
+ washable for extended life
+ hi vis for safe visual clarity

We can see these features embodied in gloves such as:

TOG01: impact resistant, hi-vis orange/yellow.

TOG4B: cut resistant, impact resistant, extra-grip sandy nitrile, Velcro cuff for security.

TOG5V: hi-vis – safe visibility, cut-resistant, impact resistant, vibration resistant, sandy nitrile – extra grip, insulated thermal glove.                             

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