Corona virus update and new products

In the present Corona virus situation world-wide we are delighted to have been able not only to maintain our normal service across the full range of Aquila protective gloves – but also to have expanded with a new line of both Nitrile and Vinyl disposable gloves. We all know the saying that “when the going gets tough – the tough get going” – it is a maxim we apply to customer service as well as to the capabilities of our gloves which offer the best of personal protection at this time of global challenge.

Please contact us for your delivery of new disposable nitrile/vinyl gloves or for our wide range of cut resistant, extra grip, heat resistant, impact resistant and thermal gloves to the highest standard.

For details of our supply in your area, please contact: [email protected]

Further information regarding Aquila® products may be found at: or follow us on twitter:

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