Aquila are pleased to announce that they are now replacing all their glove packaging with biodegradable (compostable) plastic (and cardboard). This new plastic packaging material is 100% Biodegradable compostable certified to EN13432, ASTM D 6400 standards tested by OWS and certified by TUV Austria.

As a supplier of work peripherals worldwide Aquila is strongly aware of the urgent need to deal with climate change and waste reduction in line with the international movement toward zero carbon economies (UK – 2040, the USA – 2050 and China – 2060). Aquila are addressing these issues which are inherently problematic in the quickly growing PPE market worldwide – issues where Aquila is taking leadership for the sake of our planet.

Explained Aquila MD Mr Kwan Lo “We all need to make a contribution – even small companies can lead the way by moving to biodegradable plastics and cardboard/paper packaging. Small companies can do this more quickly so customers who care about purchases of peripherals and their effect on the environment should demand this of their suppliers”.

“For Aquila this is part of a continuous waste and energy reduction campaign – which we are achieving at marginal extra cost, absorbed within our manufacturing budget, as we believe it is so important.”

Taste International, through their Aquila brand are in the forefront of the battle to reduce waste and energy use, as an environmentally concerned company with a strategy to play its part in dealing with global warming and pollution issues. Aquila have an established policy of offering extended life working gloves that not only perform at the top of customer expectation but also can be washed up to 13 times without significant degradation – so extending life and reducing waste. Aquila parent company Taste International is also involved with the Project Light development project of Ligera Research PTE of Singapore – a proactive company promoting multiple use of PPE through UVB disinfection, reduced waste and green energy use.

Aquila’s new packaging plastic meets International Standard EN 1343 which is the recognised standard for biodegradable plastics requiring it must pass four phases of testing to be classified as Biodegradable (compostable). This testing measures degradation of volatile content and heavy metals, fragmentation of the material, mineralisation to CO2 and confirms lack of harmful residues as well as ability to support plant growth.

Coupled with use of renewable energy in production and washing cycles, this goes a long way to reducing the carbon footprint of work gloves and plastic pollution of the earth. Balancing the increasing demand for PPE worldwide in line with greater acceptance of the need and benefits of protecting workers in all industries.

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