When the Aquila brand was launched in 2016, we set out to develop new materials together with a high value and highly technical glove range – inherent in that objective is the need to ensure that our protective gloves are both comfortable and with optimal protection.

We can look at comfort/protection in a variety of ways:

  • Actual protection in terms of resisting impact and/or cuts
  • Protection by virtue of being comfortable to wear so reducing operational errors potentially leading to injury.
  • Durability which defines the longevity of protection
  • Dexterity, sensitivity, flexibility – ensuring that an operative can accurately and safely perform the task
  • Impact risk – crushing, pinching/nipping, trapping

In the personal protection industry, it is a universal truism that to be safe you must first ensure the safety equipment is worn. We understand that most accidents happen when protective equipment is discarded or simply not worn at all on the basis that it is uncomfortable or makes it difficult to carry out a task properly/in a timely fashion. So, first things first, we must ensure that operatives are happy to wear protective equipment for the duration of their operation or their shift. This applies universally across the many industries where Aquila gloves offer protection, e.g. medical, building and construction, mining, glass, automobile, nuclear, recycling, electronics, food (processing and manufacturing).

We should also look at the cost/value of a glove as it is a universally quoted rule that “you get what you pay for” and this is no exception, so it is important to understand what you can expect in terms of degree of protection over their lifetime and cost of ownership. So, Aquila have made it our policy to provide the best technical protection at the most competitive cost possible. This includes use of more durable materials such as TPE/TPR, rather than PVC and our own Alkimos cut protective yarn in place of cheaper alternatives.

By developing and offering high performing technically advanced materials with our own weaving technique, we have ensured both better impact or cut protection over a longer life at very competitive prices, so meeting all the criteria we considered originally.

In the case of hand protection, we can see that comfort is a vital component in the production of impact gloves – and one that offers lower cost of ownership. Ultimately of course the highest cost of ownership is personal injury leading to actual compensation costs, failure of work schedules and reputation among the workforce as an uncaring employer.

Aquila impact gloves come in various combinations of features:

  • Impact + High-vis
  • Impact + sandy nitrile palms
  • Impact + cut resistant + sandy nitrile palms
  • Impact + latex covering
  • Impact + insulated thermal + nitrile covering
  • Impact + Velcro secured wrist straps
  • Impact + elastic wrist security

Aquila gloves are available from our distributors around the globe or direct from ourselves where more appropriate. We currently work in the following countries: USA, UK, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Australia, Portugal, New Zealand, South Africa, Finland.

For details of our supply in your area, please contact: [email protected]

Further information regarding Aquila® products may be found at: www.aquilaglove.com or follow us on twitter: www.twitter.com/@aquilaglove

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