Aquila address waste processing/recycling industry with specialist glove

RE05F glove for waste processing and recycling industry

The Aquila RE05F represents the purpose designed personal protection approach of Aquila for the waste processing and recycling industries, where the range of risks varies widely from process to process. Glove development for these applications makes life safer and more comfortable for operatives – in the case of the RE05F this is typically in a picking role at the conveyor belt stage where it provides extra protection from fast moving objects.

The RE05F is cut resistant and double-coated with foam and full flat nitrile which provides excellent abrasion resistance. This is achieved with 100% cut resistant yarn throughout the glove (not just on the palm), followed by a two-stage foam and flat dip process, making the glove waterproof and chemical resistant, whilst maintaining an excellent grip and appropriate dexterity to suit general purpose usage.

Related Aquila products for the waste processing/recycling industries include much of their impact protection range featuring TPE (thermal plastic elastomer) on back of hand and fingers for protection against fast moving hard/sharp objects at picking stations on conveyor belts. Good examples are the TOG4B with genuine Alkimos® cut 4 yarn guaranteeing full cut resistance not just on the palm but throughout the glove. An additional nitrile coating with sandy finish greatly aids grip levels in both wet and dry environments, with excellent oil and chemical resistance. The sister TOG6W includes an extra comfortable brushed liner for added warmth – suitable for temperatures down to -30°C.

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