Aquila embraces the environment – with both hands!

Aquila can provide high-quality gloves offering protection and comfort to people in the waste handling and recycling industries

In these days of global environmental concern, it is incumbent on us to recognise and encourage the efforts of waste handling and recycling industries – one way we can do this is to assist the efforts of those individuals employed physically involved with these processes. Aquila seek to play our part by provision of high-quality gloves offering protection and comfort to these people throughout their working day.

Whether they are operating processing machinery or hand picking from a conveyor or pile, Aquila offer a personal protection glove at all levels. Our most focused glove for example is the RE05F with cut 5 resistance, specifically designed incorporating double dipped palm and back-of-hand protection for use on fast-moving conveyor picking stations where metals, hard plastics, glass etc are constantly encountered, sometimes at high speed.

The RE05F is constructed with an all-over cut resistant fibre weave plus double-layer foam and flat nitrile dip coating. This provides protection from liquids and cuts while ensuring the comfort and dexterity required for this arduous job.

In other areas, operating equipment for example, slippery machinery may require enhanced grip gloves such as the TOG4B cut 4 glove with sand coating, or where cold conditions are prevalent, then a thermal glove such as the TOG6W may be appropriate for outside working

High cut risk processing is addressed with our wide range of high cut level protective gloves to cut 3/cut 5 or higher, which incorporate our own Alkimos® spiral weave high density fibre technology for additional protection, improved comfort and extended use.

The Aquila approach recognises that extended use is often the best way to reduce waste and now offers up to 14 times washing without loss of protection so that glove lifetime is extended – which can ensure less wastage in its own right. The other aspect is that by reducing overall cost of ownership Aquila gloves cut corporate costs including costs associated with personal injury, treatment and legal claims.

By creating a better glove, Aquila believes that we are helping to create a better environment.

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