Aquila fully PU coated Nylon gloves for ambulance drivers, nursing home carers, council operatives, police etc. – and for the environment

PU coated nylon gloves for front-line workers available from Aquila Gloves

In this desperate and urgent time of uncontrollably high demand for single use gloves, Aquila offer their high-quality alternative range of washable fully PU coated nylon gloves, suitable for front-line workers such as ambulance drivers, nursing home carers, council operatives, the police etc. The comfortable nylon lined CC9009 and CB9009 gloves are considered to offer a superior solution for use outside the hospital work space – since their stretchy PU coating is not permeable and therefore forms a better barrier than single use nitrile disposable gloves.  Their light weight and soft flexibility offer maximum dexterity and minimise hand fatigue over the duration of long work periods.

It has also been suggested that wearing of one-time disposable gloves may not be as good a prevention as simple washing of hands – for front line attenders and carers this may be required so frequently that it is not a practical option. Frequent washing of PU gloves on the other hand allows for the sanitising action of soap/detergent as often as desired.

These ex-stock CC9009 (white PU nylon gloves) or CB9009 (black PU nylon gloves) are highly suitable for use in these front-line support roles, although not to medical grade as would be required for use inside a hospital.  In addition, Aquila PU nylon gloves can be washed and reused again and are therefore better for the environment than single use nitrile disposable gloves, which are in any case experiencing considerable delivery issues due to uncontrollably high demand, and being non-recyclable are already causing significant disposal problems.

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