Aquila® DPU115 offers new high performance polyurethane cut 5 glove at especially competitive price point

The new DPU115 from Aquila® offers cut 5 level personal protection with a highly flexible polyurethane coating making it especially supple and sensitive for use in dextrous handling of smaller components and assemblies, e.g. screws, washers etc. Users in the glass/glazing manufacturing industry, as well as automobile and general engineering fields such as metal stamping and assembly, will find the DPU115 especially comfortable and low cost.

The high comfort level of the DPU115 derives from the unique Aquila® Alkimos® spiral wound yarn coupled with close attention to detail design and production tolerances which ensures a close fit with a high level of detail finish in a very flexible polyurethane coating.

High grip levels and resistance to stone chips, glass edges, metal plate and metal swarf are delivered by this polyethylene and polyurethane glove which maintains comfort and cut level 5 for up to 6 washes for an exceptional mix of great performance and low lifetime costs.

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Press release ref: AQUILA®2674 – DPU115 cut 5 glove

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