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Aquila cut protection gloves can be laundered up to 14 times
16 April 2021

The world focus on a growing “Green Agenda” has caught the imagination of Taste International, a specialist niche glove manufacturer under the Aquila brand, who have taken up the challenge in the way that small companies can, by making a series of small steps forward.  Trying in their own way to lead with fully recyclable...

Industrial glove PPE goes environmentally aware with Aquila
04 March 2021

Industrial glove manufacturer Aquila has seen that in the past year we have all become very much more aware of the environmental impact of waste PPE, and yet we have never needed personal protection more. This whole area used to be of relatively low interest but has now been brought into sharp focus for all...

Aquila Gloves introduce ecologically preferred packaging throughout
10 February 2021

Aquila are pleased to announce that they are now replacing all their glove packaging with biodegradable (compostable) plastic (and cardboard). This new plastic packaging material is 100% Biodegradable compostable certified to EN13432, ASTM D 6400 standards tested by OWS and certified by TUV Austria. As a supplier of work peripherals worldwide Aquila is strongly aware...

Aquila introduce their new N935 high quality, powder free, medical gloves in 100% Nitrile
07 January 2021

Aquila are known for their high-quality work gloves and caring reputation with concern for the environment, achieved by reducing waste through extended product longevity. They have now brought that same care for quality to the production of pure nitrile disposable gloves. The new Aquila N935 blue medical examination category gloves are 100% nitrile and powder...

Merry Christmas from Aquila Gloves
18 December 2020

Aquila Gloves will be available over Christmas and New Year on [email protected] For details of our supply in your area, please contact: [email protected] Further information regarding Aquila® products may be found at: or follow us on twitter:

TOG5V gloves from Aquila for anti-vibration and general hazard protection
20 November 2020

Aquila are aware that in any working task there is rarely only one hazard and so have developed the TOG5V glove as a complete package for many common applications worldwide. Their main considerations were to offer impact & vibration resistance in a Hi-vis, cut resistant glove, which they then coated with sandy nitrile to provide...

Aquila NR3006 nylon gloves, palm coated with flat nitrile
14 October 2020

Aquila offer the benefits of low-cost hand protection in their NR3006 nylon gloves with nitrile coated palms, which may be frequently cleaned in use, and laundered between wearings. They provide a robust and comfortable, longer life alternative to disposable gloves for many general non-medical situations. Their light weight nylon liner allows the hand to breath...

Aquila NR18E coated gloves for non-medical use with less waste and better grip properties
27 August 2020

In non-medical consumer and industrial situations, it is often highly advantageous for users to wear ultra-fine nitrile coated washable gloves, like the multi-use Aquila NR18E, which offer many benefits in terms of health, hygiene and a cleaner environment. Wearing gloves means no hand touching and reduced problems from frequent hand washing, plus the breathable qualities...

Aquila Cut resistant and Impact resistant gloves
21 July 2020

See our new YouTube channel for an illustration of Aquila Cut-resistant and Impact-resistant gloves – with explanation of benefits and features of these gloves derived from the Aquila philosophy and technology. We have tried to cover a lot of ground in a short video and there is a lot of information there – so please...