Taste International® launch new Aquila® glove range for the Oil and Gas industries at the NSC Show in Atlanta

Under their Aquila® brand Taste International® are pleased to announce the launch of their premier enhanced impact protection (TPR) gloves, specifically for the Oil and Gas industries, which took place at the recent NSC Congress and Expo in Atlanta.

The Aquila® brand development team have taken as their goal production of the ultimate oil and gas glove range. This program brings forward the exceptional results of their efforts in the form of high viz standard, cut resistant, thermal resistant and impact resistant versions. In particular the cut resistant glove utilises the unique Alkimos® spiral wound yarn for comfort, cut protection and washability, while all versions feature silicone thermoplastic rubber inserts to provide long-term impact protection in all working conditions with an unusually high degree of comfort – in the case of the thermal version down to temperatures of -30°C.

The new Aquila® Oil and Gas range are oil-resistant, high visibility and long lasting with strong grip characteristics, incorporating high performance in cut and abrasion resistance, plus cushioned TPR protection shielding against blunt force impacts.

The new range ensures safety by being easily visible, by providing mechanical protection coupled with a full palm grip surface and at the same time enabling the user to pull out quickly if the glove itself becomes trapped. Safety is further enhanced by the special comfort level for which Aquila® gloves are well known even in cold and wet conditions.

See our range of oil and gas gloves here.

Further information regarding Aquila® products may be found at: www.aquilaglove.com or follow them on twitter: www.twitter.com/@aquilaglove

Press release ref: AQUILA®2720 – new glove range for oil and gas industries

Aquila® and Alkimos® are registered brands owned and developed by Taste International Ltd

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