Aquila® launches extra soft, extra-long life cut 5 glove for food and related industries

The CC05B cut 5 glove from Aquila® is designed for extra comfort and extra-long life in the harsh world of food and related industries where its high performance in personal protection offers exceptional quality – and low lifetime costs derived from its extended wash cycle capability.

Aquila® have taken to heart the needs of users in design and manufacture of the CC05B which incorporates their own Alkimos® spiral wound yarn in 13 gauge blue ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. The protective yarn in the CC05B is used over 100% of the glove so ensuring 100% personal protection. The unique Alkimos® spiral wound yarn construction supports the cut resistant glass fibre core so that it does not fray in use or whilst washing. This greatly improves comfort of the glove and enables it to sustain 14 washes without diminution of performance (independently certified). This greatly exceeds the industry norm and is considered significantly more cost-effective than other mainstream competitors.

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Press release ref: AQUILA®2673 – CC05B cut 5 industrial glove

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